Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Sanjog Sangini Select service ('Service') is offered by Sanjog Sangini ('Company') enabling its members to avail the services of a dedicated, professionally qualified Senior executive ('SE') and other team members.
    • who will search a detailed profile based on specific criteria requested by member
    • Screen the profiles matching to the member's request for expected profile
    • Get the profile verified and forwarded to members
    •  Updates on interest received and matches.
    This is service will be provided throughout the tenure of membership.
  • Initiate contact and arrange meetings with matches approved by members.
  • The service is available for all the existing as well as future members of Company
  • During this subscription period a member shall be entitled to avail all the services of a Senior executive and other team members mentioned in clause (1)
  • Senior executive will call the members and get the feedback as given promises.
  • Senior Executive shall communicate with the member via the member's preferred mode i.e. email or phone and for any queries and suggestion
  • Acceptance of members expressed interest is wholly and solely at the discretion of the members. SE shall not coerce or insist a member to accept your interest even if you are very keen on the person
  • SE shall assist you in fixing up a meeting with a prospect if both parties are willing. Member needs to take due precautionary measures at your cost
  • Follow up for international members will be done via e-mail.
  • Confidential/Private information will not be disclosed unless the member approves the same via email.
  • For avoiding the miscommunication between client and company. Client can contact with the SE.
  • The SE will only be contacting members who have registered on Company.
  • For Profiles searched by SE, which are not endorsed by Company, background/Verification checks need to be carried out by you.
  • As an introduction offer a Company Select member shall be charged according to Customer.
  • Amount will not be refundable at any condition.
  • For further details, you are may get in touch with our executives, who would only be too Pleased to be of assistance to you.

who we are

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